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Dentists use Emax Crowns to restore teeth integrity after decay or a root canal procedure. Emax Crowns feature a durable and aesthetically appealing ceramic material. Therefore, the Emax crowns help reinforce the teeth structure and protect teeth from further damage while improving your smile significantly. 

Who Can Have Emax Crowns? 

The Emax crown is an ideal solution for patients who are correcting either of the following dental problems:

  • Stained or discolored tooth 
  • A broken or fractured tooth 
  • Patients that have undergone root canal procedure 
  • Crooked tooth
  • Tooth decay 

If you are experiencing either or multiple of the above issues, consider Emax crowns in Turkey. The treatment is professional, and the services meet the highest standards. 

Emax Crowns Treatment Duration

Once you decide you need the Emax crown treatment, the next thing you may be wondering about is how long the treatment will take. Usually, Emax crowns treatment can take up to 5 days to complete. 

Potential Risks and Side-Effects

  • Discomfort and Sensitivity

The newly crowned teeth may be sensitive immediately after the procedure and after the anesthesia wears off. If the crowned tooth still has a nerve in it, you may experience heat and cold sensitivity. 

  • Loose Crown

Sometimes, Emax crowns cementation decreases under the crown. The wearing out allows the crown to become loose and may allow bacteria to leak in and cause decay. 

  • Crown Falls Out

Decaying will result in a loose crown coming off. In that case, you will need to go back to the dentist or seek temporary tooth cementing. 

  • Dark Line on Crowned Tooth Next To The Gum Line

The dark line is often the metal of the crown showing. While it might not be a problem, the dark line is cosmetically unacceptable. 

  • Allergic reaction 

Because Emax crowns feature a mixture of metals, an allergic reaction can occur. However, this allergic reaction is often a rare occurrence. 

Emax Crowns Recovery Time 

Most patients resume their normal operations as soon as the gums heal, which takes 7 to 10 days. However, note that the total recovery time is approximately three months depending on the patient’s body. The patient should avoid strenuous activities such as heavy lifting the first three days after the procedure. 

Talk to your dentist about the specifics of your recovery process. In general, you need to take prescription medicine to help relieve pain and inhibit bacterial growth. Use an ice pack to reduce the swelling, and avoid hot foods for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Wear your stent or denture, and brush carefully to avoid further abrasion on the affected surface. 

Emax Crowns Success Rate 

The Emax crowns are preferable because of their aesthetic appearance, and they fit more comfortably than the alternatives. They are also durable and tend to last for decades so long as the patient ensures proper care. The Emax crowns present a success rate of 95%.