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In the knee joint; It is the application of treatment methods such as closed (arthroscopic) or open surgery (knee prosthesis) in common diseases such as meniscus tear, ligament tear, cartilage damage, joint narrowing, osteoarthritis.

The incidence of problems is higher in the knee, which is exposed to the highest load compared to other joints. Especially not warming up before starting the sports and forcing the knees excessively can damage the knee health by causing damage to the cartilage tissue in this area, breaking the ligaments or tearing the meniscus. Injuries of areas such as the meniscus, articular cartilage, anterior cruciate ligament and capsule that occur in the knee joint, septic arthritis (intra-articular inflammation), synovitis (thickening of the joint membrane), calcification of the knee joint and fractures occurring in the joint are treated with arthroscopic surgery.


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